How Wearing A Watch Could Make You Presentation Better

Do you need to make a presentation for school or work? Preparation is the key to a good presentation that will keep your audience interested and get your point across. Here is why you should wear laco watches during your next presentation.
Wearing a watch will make you look more professional. This is especially important if you have to do a presentation in front of supervisors at work. A nice wristwatch is the perfect accessory to wear with a suit or another professional outfit. Choose a style that looks professional instead of wearing a sports watch.
Wearing a wristwatch gives you an advantage during a presentation because you can discreetly check the time. This is a good way to keep track of how long you have been talking. This is especially important if you are doing a presentation for school with a limited time. It is very easy to lose track of time when you start talking and not being able to finish your presentation due to time constraints is not ideal.
You should rehearse your entire presentation while wearing a watch and keep checking the time. Keep track of how much time you spend talking on each point of your presentation and try making a few changes to the content of your presentation if you find that you spend a lot more time on one topic. Check your watch during the presentation to make sure you are staying on schedule and not spending more time on one point than necessary.
Wearing a watch during a presentation will help you time it and should also help you organize your presentation more efficiently by spending equal amounts of time on each point. The right wrist watch will also make you look more professional, which can have a huge impact on how others perceive you.

Simulating the Mastermind to Imrove

The following video is part of video module series. Each video focuses on providing industry specific business training and provides masters level certifications for business professionals.

John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Learn How to Write to Women In this clip, John Carlton tells the best way to get into the female mind and figure out how to write to women.

By the way, women read a lot more than men do. So, when you’re going to a female audience, and this is important for everybody, unless you’re going to a strictly male audience. They are reading books where this is somewhat…imagine how this thing would appear on Cosmo, or Reader’s Digest, or Redbook, or how Oprah would pitch it, or Nancy Grace, with a special guest star or something.

In fact, pay attention to how those things are done. Not to make fun of them…to emulate them. Because that’s the way women are being talked to and responding to. And, I don’t know that Cosmo so much does the financial thing, though they do, but there are other financial magazines…I know there is one called Women’s Finances or something. Isn’t there a female version of Forbes out there, or something? Women in Business…I forget.

Anyway, point being that if they’re successful (make sure they’re successful, don’t copy stuff that’s not successful, of course) find out how to speak to women. That’s why I’m kind of surprised, but when you said you were re-writing something, that explains it. You didn’t feel confident to rip it down to its essentials and bring it back up, bringing back the things that you knew women would think.

But, this is the kind of thing, to mix metaphors, is where you go balls to the wall with everything you know about women. You just take everything you know. You use the unfair advantages you have either (a) as a person who understands what goes into salesmanship and copy, or (b) what you bring to that plus being a woman yourself.

My exercise for guys who have trouble writing to women is to go read a Danielle Steele novel and then buy every single magazine on the racks for women…Cosmo, Redbook, all of them. Go home, read everything, and then do it next month. And, the Danielle Steele stuff is the hardest, by the way.

I’ve never had a guy come back to me less than completely astonished at what he discovered by reading that stuff, especially the Harlequin Romance or the Danielle Steele stuff. By the way, the trick is you only need to read one Danielle Steele. She has 35 books out now, and they are all identical.

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SEO copywriting tips for Google’s Penguin update

Don’t be afraid of Google’s Penguin update! If you’re writing online, here’s what to do. Go to the SEO Copywriting blog at to view the full video post!

Yes, Google is at it again with yet another update named after a black-and-white animal: the Penguin. And like the Panda update before it (, this has site owners scared.

Not to worry! Tune in as Heather discusses SEO content strategy for successfully dealing with the Penguin update – and tips to improve your site’s performance with new content opportunities.

In the end, well written content will prevail, no matter the update Google throws out there.

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Look forward to hearing from you!

45 Degrees Marketing Intro

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Ted Nicholas’ 27 Favorite Headline Words Copywriting tips

Can a longer headline consisting of two lines of text give you better response than a short headline? The world of words is an amazing one when you get to know it and understand it.

More stories like this one

Words make a huge impact on the results of your digital marketing and direct marketing activities. It is worth studying which words are most effective, even if you are not a copywriter.

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Reasons Why Small Business Owners Refuse To Hire Copywriters

Many small businesses often refuse to hire copywriters for both their online and offline marketing. Rather than give you a typical list of reasons why you should hire a copywriter, let me just counter the objections you might have to doing so.

I am a good writer and I got A’s in English
Copywriting and English composition are two different skill sets. English composition makes great novels. Good copywriting drives sales. Unless you are in the business of writing novels, you would like a good copywriter to help you in your marketing efforts.

Finding a copywriter and telling them what I want takes too much time; it’s easier to just do it myself.
Are you sure you have the time to perform every aspect of your business, or would it be more efficient if you outsourced some of the work to other professionals? Even if you are an excellent writer, as a local business owner you are terribly busy with sales, purchasing, recruitment, customer service and other business functions.
As an entrepreneur if you wear too many hats by focusing your time and energy on areas of weakness, you feel drained and unmotivated. But when you work within your strengths and outsource functions, your business will have room to grow and prosper.

But it’s too expensive!
Copywriting is designed to drive results and good copywriting drives sales. Good, effective copy that drives sales pays for itself over and over again. You cannot afford not to hire a copywriter

Still Not Convinced You Should Hire A Copywriter For Your Business?

At least consider hiring a good editor to review your work. It will pay dividends for the life of your business. Get a good one and it will be money well spent. Ask to see samples of their work and talk to them about their thoughts about your particular project. Value for money is what you are looking for. Do some preparation beforehand, such as some research notes or a plan to help your editor so they can work faster and for a cheaper rate, and perhaps more accurately.

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John Carlton Copywriting Tips: Copywriting for Adwords

This hot seat is for Jim Curley, who is an established marketer. He wants to improve his adwords campaign for a product that teaches how to airbrush a motorcycle.

John Carlton Copywriting Tips

John Carlton and Harlan Kilstein give their advice:

Harlan: so the keyword for the top one “how to airbrush” is…you are probably not getting the people you wanted.

Jim: Right. Actually , the keywords “airbrush” and “how to airbrush” were big traffic but not a lot of clicks.

Harlan: One thing you are going to learn is that one-word keywords are not buying keywords. They are tire-kicking keywords. If someone is typing in 4 keywords “Airbrush my Honda” (or any motorcycle manufacturer), those people are buying…”airbrush Honda motorcycle”

John: It’s the old thing…more information equals more interest equals the farther along in the buying process they already are. Lorrie brought up the conversation in your head. You have to join the conversation already going on in their head. They may not even be aware of it. Maybe they are walking around a step away from being cognizant that they really want to pimp their ride out. “I’m ready. I’m ready to do this. I’m tired of driving this primer-black car around. I’m ready to pop for this. And I’d do it if only…” You come in and be the “if only”. You fill in that part of it.

What Harlan is talking about is really advanced marketing stuff. Just get farther along in that conversation so you are not dealing with guys who are saying “Well, I am really interested in painting flames on the side of my car”, but you find out that they are 12 years old and are drawing their car. They are 4 years away from actually buying a hot rod.

What do you think about those click-through rates, Harlan?

Harlan: Well, they’re great, but they are click-through rates on the wrong keywords, so they’re not really meaningful.

John: You develop a new language, dealing with Adwords. That’s why you’re dealing with guys like Perry Marshall…Perry’s a friend of mine. It is almost like learning to exist in a new culture. Like deciding you are going to live in Spain now. So you have to learn how to live in Spain. If you try to take your “living in the central valley of California” act over to Spain, you aren’t going to make a lot of friends. You have to re-learn a lot of things at a cellular level in a lot of ways.

And, you have to learn how to read this stuff. ‘Cause a lot of people get very excited about click-through rates, but as Harlan rightly points out, it’s like if you move to Spain and suddenly you have a lot of friends, and then later on when you learn to speak the language you realize they are all hookers, and they have all been stealing from you. And “oh, no wonder they were so happy to come over to the house…”

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