What are the Rules of Playing Texas Holdem Poker?

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular poker games in the world. But before you begin playing this
game you need to understand what the rules are. Here is a rundown that will
help you out. This form of poker is different from online slot games like pokies.

In Texas holdem poker the nominal dealer for the current
game is indicated by the dealer button. Before the game begins the player
immediately next to the button the in clockwise direction (the one under the
gun) posts a small blind. The next person in the clockwise direction posts the
big blind. This will usually be double the first but this will depend on the
variation of the game you are playing. The game can then begin.

At the start of the game each player is dealt two cards. These
are called hole cards and belong only to you. They are placed facedown. To form
the board, five community cards are dealt. These are to be shared by all the
players and are placed facing up.

When it comes to the betting each player has several options
beginning with the one under the gun. These are call, fold or raise. These
mean choosing not to bet, matching the big blind or raising the bet through
doubling the big blind amount. When all the players have put their bets
forward, the pre-flop begins.

In the pre-flop each player chooses whether to play their
hand by raising the big blind. The decision is of course made after looking at
their hole cards. The same clockwise direction is followed beginning with the
player under the gun. Each player may
then call, fold or raise. Betting rounds go on until all players except who
have folded achieve the same bet amounts.

The Flop follows in which three cards are dealt on the
board. All these face upwards. These are available to all players still in the
hand. Each of these players then bets on the flop in the same order as before. The
options also remain.

The Turn then follows in which the fourth community cards
are placed on the board. These are dealt facing upwards as well. Another round
of betting follows with the same rules and order. The River or the filth street
then follow in which the fifth card is placed on the board facing up. This is
the last community card which is followed by a round of betting.

The final step is the showdown in which if more than one
players are left they bet round the table and the last person shows their cards
and others follow suit. The player with the best five-card poker is the winner.
If there are identical hands the pot (all bets) are divided among them.

How to Feed Fish Properly

Most people have seen the movie “Finding Nemo” and have been inspired to get their own fish.  Although feeding your fish is essential for keeping them strong and healthy. There is a lot of available food for all species of fish living in freshwater or seawater.


Some fish are omnivores, others are herbivores or carnivores, so choose a diet that is appropriate for the species in your aquarium. Carnivores generally eat worms, insects and other fish. They also need lots of protein and fat. Herbivores on the other hand eat a lot of plants and algae.

There are types of foods called “surface food” packaged in the form of flakes which float to the surface and food called “background” which is tablets or granules for fish that feed on the ground. There is also food for live or frozen fish, but some  aquarists, prefer to raise small shrimp or other prey. Generally, it is advisable to feed aquarium fish once or twice per day in small quantities. An automatic fish feeder is a huge help for this. The best automatic fish food dispenser would have to be the Eheim Everyday Fish Feeder. It is highly recommended to get one of these.



A very common mistake is to overfeed their fish, which will result in water pollution.Foods that are not consumed will degrade water quality and cause nitrates that promote algae growth. To avoid this problem, check if there is food in the water within 10 minutes after the distribution. If this is the case, the amount of food was too large and should be reduced on the next feeding. It’s ideal that there is no food left after the fish are done eating. Freshwater fish have different needs than saltwater fish. The saltwater fish appreciate living or frozen food while Freshwater fish don’t.

If you are  feeding fish in a pond then there are other options to consider like pond feeders.  Also the type of food that should be used is usually pellets.  Koi fish are a very common species for outdoor ponds.

We hope that you enjoyed these tips on how to feed your fish!




What You Should Know Before Dating A Filipino Girl

This is a great example of copy writing from a friend in the dating industry.  He deals with the dating industry quite a bit so check this out and take some tips!  Notice how he draws in guys right off the bat with the opening question and talks directly to his only target audience.  He doesn’t care to talk to anyone else unless they answer yes to the first question.  The key is to get targeted traffic that will care about the opening sentence.


Are you considering or wanting to date a Filipino girl? If so, there are a few things you will want to know about dating one.  Well the first step is actually meeting one.  You should go to the Philippines to start with but then what?  You’ll have to convince a Filipino girl to meet you. After you’ve met them and start dating, here’s what you should come to expect.



1. They Are Family Oriented- Many women are family oriented, but it seems that Filipino women tend to be more family oriented than many other women from different cultures. This isn’t a bad thing at all, and many men want to date a woman who is family oriented, because it means the woman will likely get alone with his family. If you are a family oriented person and you are trying to find a woman who is also family oriented, then you should consider dating a Filipino girl. Just remember that not all women are going to be big on family, but generally speaking, women from the Philippines are.

Filipino Family

2. They Have Great Personalities- It’s true that every person is unique in their own way and some people have better personalities than others. With that said, women from the Philippines tend to have great personalities and they tend to be a joy to be around, and this is why many people love to date people from the country. If you are looking for someone who has a great personalities and one you get along with very well, then you should consider dating a Filipino girl because the chances are good you will find one that has an amazing personality.


3. They Are Understanding And Patient- Two of the keys to a successful relationship include being understanding and having a lot of patience. If a relationship has those two elements, there is a good chance the couple will remain together for a very longtime and they will have a happy and healthy relationship. With that said, many Filipino women are very understanding and extremely patient, which means if you date one, there’s a good chance your relationship will go far, as long as you are also understanding and patient.


4. They Are Loyal- Finally, another thing you should know is that women from the Philippines tend to be fiercely loyal. There are many loyal women around the world, but there seems to be no shortage of them in the Philippines, and if you’re loyal too, then you have a good chance at finding a nice women to date. Asides from being understanding and patient, it is important to be loyal because loyalty builds trust and many people believe that trust is the major foundation for a healthy relationship. If a relationship doesn’t have trust, then the chances are that relationship will fizzle out sooner or later.


As you can see, there are a few things you should know about women from the Philippines. You also know that they tend to be loyal, understanding, family oriented and they have good personalities. With that said, all you have to do now is decide whether or not you want to date one.

How Wearing A Watch Could Make You Presentation Better

Do you need to make a presentation for school or work? Preparation is the key to a good presentation that will keep your audience interested and get your point across. Here is why you should wear laco watches during your next presentation.
Wearing a watch will make you look more professional. This is especially important if you have to do a presentation in front of supervisors at work. A nice wristwatch is the perfect accessory to wear with a suit or another professional outfit. Choose a style that looks professional instead of wearing a sports watch.
Wearing a wristwatch gives you an advantage during a presentation because you can discreetly check the time. This is a good way to keep track of how long you have been talking. This is especially important if you are doing a presentation for school with a limited time. It is very easy to lose track of time when you start talking and not being able to finish your presentation due to time constraints is not ideal.
You should rehearse your entire presentation while wearing a watch and keep checking the time. Keep track of how much time you spend talking on each point of your presentation and try making a few changes to the content of your presentation if you find that you spend a lot more time on one topic. Check your watch during the presentation to make sure you are staying on schedule and not spending more time on one point than necessary.
Wearing a watch during a presentation will help you time it and should also help you organize your presentation more efficiently by spending equal amounts of time on each point. The right wrist watch will also make you look more professional, which can have a huge impact on how others perceive you.

Virtual Professionals Trek Beyond : IVS Neri Marcos Teaches Copywriting

Virtual Professionals Trek Beyond : IVS Neri Marcos Teaches Copywriting

Top 12 Copywriting Tips for Creating Amazon Listings That Outsell The Competition

Looking for the competitive edge to sell more of your Amazon product? Karon Thackston of Marketing Words shares actionable insights to increase visitors to your page, and sell more product when they land on your page.

If you are need to make immediate improvements to your Amazon listing, improving your copywriting is the fastest, and most effective, method to generating more sales. Watch “Top 12 Tips for Creating Amazon Listings That Outsell The Competition”.

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#1 Copywriting Software: CopySniper, is it a scam?

CopySniper Copywriting Software goes way beyond providing synonyms and a thesaurus. In order to improve your writing on different levels, CopySniper software includes an intuitive guide to provide a well-designed headline creator, sub-headline creator, bullets creator and content builder. http://bit.ly/13XNPa9

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Copywriting requires you to be creative in your writing. You must be innovative and interesting, CopySniper will vary your vocabulary and make your writing look professional. All these tasks are hard enough, without having to worry about the grammar, headlines, bullets and closing the visitor. CopySniper Software is designed especially for this purpose. To make your life easier by offering you writing solutions on different levels.
Copywriting Software
CopySniper Copywriting Software uses a Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which will enrich your text. Based on the context of the text, CopySniper Copywriting Software will suggest the most optimal headline, sub-headline and bullets for your copy. It even includes a section for testimonials (social proof) and video embeds. This copywriting software is complete and easy to use. It will save time and money for amateurs and professionals.

How To Be A Copywriter
Write like a pro — Nobody will know! It will edit and enhance your text in a way that will make your readers believe that you are a professional writer.

Making friends on Facebook or talking to your audience on Twitter? CopySniper copywriting software ensures your message is loud and clear with correct grammar, spelling and style.

Landing Pages
Many leading online marketers agree that correct grammar and spelling are vital to your success as a marketing using landing pages. CopySniper makes sure that your landing page copy is always error free.

International Business
English is the indisputable language of international business. Communicate more clearly with your customers and business colleagues with CopySniper.

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Quick Copywriting Tips for Writing Headlines

Looking for copywriting tips for writing headlines? http://WriteDirection.com presents this quick copywriting tip. One way to write attention-getting headlines is to promise something wonderful, but do not lie.
Veteran direct response copywriting Eugene Schwartz said the only job of your headline is to stop your prospects and compel them to read the second sentence of your ad.”
Advertising guru David Ogilvy said “On the average, 5 times as many people read the headline as read the body copy.
When writing your next headline consider this copywriting tip – promise something wonderful but do not lie.
Please like, share or comment below. Thanks a million!
For more marketing and copywriting tips visit: http://WriteDirection.com/blog

4 Reasons Why Local Business Owners Should Consider Hiring Freelance Copywriters

http://www.seoutah.org — Click the link to avail our best SEO services and Online Marketing Team that will help your business more competent than the others.

Business Wealth Services offers a service called SEO Utah – which is all SEO services in the field of Video, Social Media Marketing, Email,PPC, Website Design,and Many more.

4 Reasons Why Local Business Owners Should Consider Hiring Freelance Copywriters

As a small business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Unlike your corporate counterparts, the average entrepreneur does everything from answering the phones to making sales calls. And when it’s time to make a copy for marketing and PR, local business owners attempt to do this too.

But here’s the problem: Most small business owners aren’t capable of producing the kind of copy that gets results. Good writing takes time and attention – two things that small and medium-sized enterprises just can’t afford. Freelance copywriting makes a lot of sense for these businesses and can provide many benefits. Here are some key benefits:

Increased ROI.
You only need to hire a freelance copywriter when you need him/her. Freelancers generate sales and increase revenue without the salaries, benefits, and other expenses associated with a full time hire.

Fresh perspective.
Freelance copywriters usually bring fresh perspectives and fresh ideas to your local business and it is not uncommon for companies that typically manage their in-house copywriting to hire freelance copywriters for the same reason. Freelancers often have an objective, non-biased view of your local business and can easily relate to how customers view your business.

Level playing fields.
Small businesses often have difficulty competing with large companies, because they lack the resources to hire qualified personnel. Indirect hires level the playing field by giving small and medium-sized businesses affordable access to the same quality of writing the corporations use to create their copy.

Specialized Services
Freelance copywriters will often specialize in a certain niche and have an intimate understanding of the products, services, professionals, terminologies and consumer data for that niche. By contracting a freelancer who specializes in your small business niche, you will find it easier to explain exactly what you need and more often than not experience more accurate and quick turnaround times from them.

For more details feel free to visit our website: http://www.seoutah.org

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Copywriting Tips for Writing Video Content and Powerful Video Sales Letters

http://writedirection.com presents copywriting tips. Before writing video content for sale letters, sit down and give careful thought to how you can maximize your content. Here are 6 copywriting tips to keep in mind when writing your video sales letter script. For more copywriting and marketing tips, visit me at http://writedirection.com or on Facebook at http://facebook.com/writedirection

Copywriting Training – Learn To Write Online Copy Like A Pro!

Copywriting training http://Copywriting101Gold.com Learn copywriting at your own pace from 7 professionals. Over 10 hours of training on headlines, sales letters, landing pages, press releases, persuasion, blogging, article writing and more.

Copywriting Tips – Write in a Conversational Tone

The age old advice is to write the way you talk, along with just one reader. Avoid writing to all of them, and speak to the people without using jargon, and pompous words. For more tips and to grab your free report the 7 rules of writing effective copy writing visit: http://www.danmoskeluniversity.com/information-marketing-how-to-start-your/

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